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Leash Training Mastery: Stop Leash Pulling with Positive Reinforcement

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Transform your walks with our expert Leash Training Program

Do you find yourself struggling to enjoy a peaceful walk because your dog constantly pulls on the leash?


At Canis Fidelis, I have the perfect solution to transform your walking experience.


Introducing our Leash Training Mastery program, designed to teach your dog to walk calmly and obediently by your side using positive reinforcement techniques.

Why choose our
Leash Training Mastery

Effective and humane training methods

This leash training program is grounded in science-backed positive reinforcement dog training. Unlike traditional methods that rely on punishment or force, my approach encourages desirable behavior through rewards and gentle guidance. Your dog will learn to associate walking calmly on the leash with positive outcomes, making the behavior stick.

Customized training plans

Every dog is unique, and so is my training methodology. I will assess your dog's specific needs and behavior to create a personalized training plan. Whether your dog is a seasoned puller or new to leash walking, my tailored approach ensures effective results.

An engaging and collaborative approach

Leash Training Mastery doesn't only teach your dog not to pull on the leash. Training sessions engage pet parents to teach them how to effectively communicate with their dogs, setting everyone up for lasting success.

Sharon Hall, Socorro NM

“Rhiannon is an excellent trainer of both dogs and people. Not only did we receive an in-house training visit, but Rhiannon has checked in with us several times via text to check on Patch’s progress and offer suggestions and encouragement! So pleased with the experience!"

Lisa Cordeiro, Riley NM

"After our first session Emmylou's behavior has improved as well as my patience and understanding. It is making a much-increased pleasurable experience in raising my puppy. Rhiannon's knowledge and training has thus far significantly made an impact."

Thor's Mom, Socorro NM

"Working with Rhiannon has really helped with the behaviors my dog, Thor, had. We started because Thor was pulling while on the leash, and she had him walking without pulling in 3 sessions.  She is knowledgeable and patient (with the dogs and their owners)."

Benefits of the Leash Training Mastery Program

  • Enjoy stress-free walks: Relish peaceful walks as your dog happily trots by your side without pulling.

  • Strengthen your bond: Enhance your relationship with your dog through positive interactions and trust-building exercises.

  • Ensure safety: Prevent potential hazards caused by leash-pulling, such as crossing in front of you and walking into streets.

  • Attain timeless knowledge: You will discover how your dog learns and experiences the world, and you will learn important communication techniques that can be effectively applied to any leash-pulling dog.

Who it's for

This program is for adult dogs of any age, and puppies older than 10 months.

This program is NOT for dogs facing issues with fear/anxiety or reactivity/aggression. Contact me to discuss the correct program for your fearful or reactive dog, or your puppy less than 10 months of age.

What's included

  • All the basic tools you will need: harness, leash, long-line, and eco-friendly treat bag.

  • High quality treats during sessions: leave your usual treats at home, I'll cover the treats during training sessions. I will adhere to your dog's dietary restrictions. I'll also provide water and poop bags.

  • 5 one-hour sessions (over 5 weeks): most people and their dogs are walking harmoniously together after five sessions. Sessions are held in-home or at a convenient park near you.

  • Session recordings: sessions will be recorded and shared with you, so you don't have to take notes or remember every detail.

  • Follow up emails and accountability check-ins: you will receive a personalized summary of each session with "homework," and additional check-ins between sessions to help keep you and your dog on track.

  • Text/call/email support: reach out anytime with questions.

  • Satisfaction guarantee: if your dog is still pulling after completing this program, I will continue to work with your dog until they are no longer pulling you around at no extra cost.

Your investment

5 one-hour sessions: your time, energy, and attention during sessions are crucial for the success of you and your dog. 


Weekly "homework" assignments: putting what you learn into practice regularly is essential for this program to work, especially early on.

$800: includes everything outlined above, trainer mileage fee, and taxes.

Enroll in Leash Training Mastery today!

Don’t let leash pulling ruin your walks. Transform your daily strolls into enjoyable, stress-free experiences with this proven and humane leash training program.

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